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Look So Good


Say Something Good

Here for you

God Only Knows

Who's Been Sleeping In Our Bed

Hey Girlfriend

Love Can Move Mountains

Fall In Love again

Summer Sun

Road To Love

Ain't Going Out Tonight

She won't Love You

Wanna Make You Love Me


// Origin: United Kingdom
// Label: Ambitious Records
// Website:

"A hurricane of talent that doesn't
come along very often"
- KDRN Radio, USA

Debbie's key influences do not fall into the typical mold- from Shirley Temple, Julie Andrews to Madonna and Hollywood sentimental musicals, quite unexpected from someone who delivers such a driving blend of Country Rock and Pop.

Career highlights for Debbie include performances in Las Vegas, Russia, Singapore and at the legendary Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville. Debbie has also appeared alongside Alexander O'Neil, LuLu and launched the official Yahoo website.

// UK Country Radio Awards 2005 Nominations
// Album of the Year: Always In My Heart
// Single of the Year: What a Woman Wants
// Song of the Year: Always In My Heart

// ISDN Song of the Year 2005
// Song of the Year: Gimme Love written by Spencer Jaye and Debbie Nunn


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